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Inform the policy protection of personal data (hereinafter "Personal Data") from BSG to Users and / or Subscribers of different Internet services of their property (the "Users and / or Subscribers") to determine, freely and voluntarily whether to provide your Personal Data BSG, which are required in the hiring or termination of certain services offered on or through the Portal.

BSG reserves the right to modify this policy to adapt it to changes in legislation or jurisdiction, or those relating to commercial practices. In any case, the BSG published on the Portal, through this page, the changes made in reasonable time putting it into practice.

Certain services offered may include special conditions specific to the protection of personal data.

The Personal Data collected by the BSG will be subject to automated processing, and incorporated into its corresponding electronic records of personal data (hereinafter the "Registry"), of which the BSG will be the person in charge.

The BSG will provide users and / or Subscribers technical resources adequate to enable them, in character prior to acquiesce with this Policy Data Protection or any other relevant information before giving their consent to the storage of their personal data. Except in fields where otherwise indicated, the answers to questions about personal information are voluntary, implying that their lack of decrease in quality or quantity of the corresponding services, unless otherwise stated.

2 - USER

The User and / or Subscriber warrants that the Personal Data supplied is true BSG and BSG to communicate any changes in them.

The User and / or Subscriber is responsible for maintaining your privacy and the secrecy of your passwords and / or personal information.

The User and / or Subscriber should be aware that personal ads and chat rooms, chat in the public domain. Any information that it becomes available in chat rooms, chat, message boards or personal ads will be available to anyone with access to these sites. We suggest that you avoid including information enabling people who find him, such as the number of your phone or your mailing address.


The Register and the electronic use of Personal Data by the BSG are intended to establish a contractual relationship or, where appropriate, management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of services to Users and / or subscribers, as well as the appropriateness of services preferences and tastes of users and / or Subscribers, the creation of new services related to these services, sending updates of services, sending through traditional and / or electronic, technical, operational and business relating to products and services offered in the Portal (or through) and others, now existing or to be created in the future.

The purpose of the registry and the electronic treatment of personal data also includes sending out survey forms, which the User and / or Subscriber is not obliged to respond.

To correct observance of Brazilian legislation, the BSG is committed to promptly correct any amendments to the Personal Data and User or Subscriber. To this end, the User and / or Subscriber shall notify the BSG any change in their data.

BSG may assign the Personal Data to other companies within the group BSG what will happen with respect to the same purposes as those indicated in this notice. For purposes of this policy, data protection, the expression of the BSG companies, those in which BSG or the parent company (BC-Technology Publisher, Events and Education Ltda.) Owns a direct or indirect.

In some cases, the BSG may assign the Personal Data to third parties. In that case, the Users and / or Subscribers will be duly advised, to thereby provide your prior consent to the transfer of their data.

To this end, the BSG will identify the third, the type of activities to which it is engaged and their purpose of gathering data. The User and / or Subscriber may object, at any time, all the above mentioned sections, which will through the exercise of their rights as informed in.

Notwithstanding the above, with a formal request by any Public Authority and the reasons, the User and / or Subscriber expressly allows BSG to forward the registration information requested, regardless of prior notification to the User and / or Subscriber.

The User and / or Subscriber should be aware that the security measures on the Internet are not entirely foolproof. Therefore, it is a personal decision to use the service in these conditions.


BSG may use cookies when a User and / or Subscriber has access to pages and sites of the portal. Cookies can be used on sites and pages of the portal associated solely with the browser of a particular computer, do not provide references that allow deduction of the first and last name and User or Subscriber.

Because of cookies, you may recognize the BSG Users and / or Subscribers who have registered in a previous use of Pages, which allows not having to register each new visit.

The User and / or Subscriber has the ability to configure your browser to be advised on the computer screen, on the reception of cookies and prevent their installation disk. The information relevant to this configuration are available in manuals and instructions to the browser itself.

To use the Portal, it is necessary that the User and / or Subscriber for the reception of cookies sent by BSG in services where there is no need for the User / Subscriber or enter username and password, without prejudice to that in this case will require the User and / or Subscriber to register each time you access a service requiring prior registration.

Cookies are used on sites and pages of the portal can be installed by the BSG, which are originated from different servers operated by or from the servers of third parties that provide services and install cookies by BSG (such as For example, cookies are used to provide advertising services or certain content by which the User and / or subscribers to view advertising content or time, number of times and a pre-determined).

Whenever the option that prevents the installation of cookies has not been activated, the User and / or subscriber can search the hard drive of your computer as instructed by the browser itself.

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